User Manual

Kaly calendar user manual:

The appointments have to be linked to a client. So before you can create any appointment, you need to create the client’s information.

* Create or import clients.

Press on the user icon  to list the clients.appointment calendar for iPhone

You can import contact details from your iPhone to Kaly Calendar and save it as a client.

Use <import phone contacts>. Kaly calendar will list your phone contacts, you can then choose which of your contacts you will import as a client, select them and press <import> .

! Depending of how many contacts you have in your phone, it can take a few seconds to one or two minutes for the first time you list your phone’s contact !

* Create an appointment :

You have different possibility to create an appointment.

Appointment screen

Appointment screen

* From the weekly view:  long press ( 3seconds) on a white date and time = WITHOUT existing appointment. The appointment screen will come up with the selected date and time pre-loaded.


*Click on the + appointment icon in the taskbar. And select the date and time of the appointment.

Then, before saving the appointment you need to fill-up the required fields:

– The client must exist in your clients list. You can start to type the beginning of the name to narrow down the search.
– The service that you will provide for this appointment
– The duration ( in minutes )
– The price in the currency that you are using.

 And optionally some notes and history about the client.

* Recurring appointment

There is the possibility to create recurrent appointment ( ex: every week or every two weeks) . To do so, define the period of the appointment and an “end date” must be defined.

Each of the recurring appointment can be modified by itself. When deciding to delete one appointment that is part of a recurring cycle, the question will be ask if to : ‘delete this appointment only or / delete all future appointment  ‘. This gives the possibility to clear the future appointment from a certain date.

Note that if a future appointment will be marked as ‘payed’, it will not be deleted.

* Definition of the signature name:

In the App menu, you can go to the “Templates”.

You can define your signature that will be added to your SMS and email message. For example your name or the name of your company.

*SMS confirmation:

After saving or modifying an appointment the App ask if :”you want to send the appointment details to the client”. If yes, the following SMS will be prepared, ready to be sent to the client.

“Your new appointment : <date and time > . Best regards <Signature name> “

* SMS reminderKaly Calendar Menu

In the App menu you can go to “SMS reminder”.

This will list the appointment that you took for the 3 next days. From this list pressing on an appointment will load the messaging application with a default message ready to be send to the client’s phone number:

“Reminder for your appointment : <date and time > . Best regards, < Signature name> “

Sending or cancelling will bring you back to the appointment list from where you can continue to easily select the client that should be reminded of their appointment. Usually, reminding the clients that easily forget or appointments that have been set a long time ago.

* Subscription card.

Kaly calendar let you easily manage services ( course, classes, treatments, therapies…) that you sell in package or subscription.

Imagine that you offer a discount for client that pays in advance 5, 10 or 20 classes. Kaly calendar offers you an easy way to keep track of the services that have been used from this card/package.

a)   Create a new subscription and give it a name of your choice ( ex: 10 crossfit 45mins group)

b)   Add the client

c)   Add the name of the service (optional)

d)   Define the global price ( ex: $500)

e)   Define the number of units/session (ex: 10)

f)    Optionally define an expiration date ( that will be only as a note , and won’t lock anything)

Then save the new card.

After completion of a service to your client, go back to your appointment and press “Pay”. That will change appointment color to green. A message box will ask you if you want to use a subscription card to Pay that appointment. If you answer ‎‎‎’yes’, a list with all the subscription card of this specific client will show up. You can then select the card corresponding to this appointment , and the service will be deduced from the units of the card.

You can then automatically send an e-mail for confirmation, so that the client can also keep track of the number of units remaining on the card. For this function, be sure to enter and save a valid e-mail address in your client’s details.

All the appointment paid by this card, will be listed in the card details.

* User interface:

appointment calendar for iPhone

The main screen is the weekly view .

– To go to a certain date use the taskbar icon :

– To change to next/previous week, swipe the screen on the left or right. Or use the arrows on the top menu.
– To scroll the hours of the date, scroll up/down
– To see the detail of an appointment, press on the appointment on the weekly view.
– To create  a new appointment, long press (3 seconds) on a available date/time (white) , or use the + icon from the task bar.
– To see the details of one day, press on an available date/time(white) or use the menu (Daily view).

*Flag on the appointment

The appointments can be flagged in different state and will be display in different color. Blue for appointment created, green for appointment that have been payed, and red for appointment that haven’t been completed.

At the bottom of the appointment screen, the different button are used to flag the appointment. Once an appointment has been flagged payed or no-show, it cannot be modified anymore. To modify it, you should use the reset button, modify the appointment and flag it again payed or no-show.

This feature helps keeping track of the payment of the services and will help in the future for you to create statistics. ( In a future version of Kaly Calendar)

* Kaly Calendar Pro features : Kaly Calendar Pro Logo

When you purchase the uprgade of Kaly Calendar you can use the features of the “Pro” version. This is an in-app purchase that you can access by the menu : “Upgrade to Pro”

* iCloud backup

Your data will be backed up to your iCloud. You can either leave Kaly calendar take care of automatic synchronization of your iPhone data and your iCloud data by turnig on the switch : “Keep Synchronized”.

Or you can use the “Backup now” and “Restore now” button. Beware that using those button will replace all of your data to or from the iCloud.

* Multiple device

When using an iPhone and an iPad, you can share the data. Your device need to be setup with the same iCloud user.

*Show your iPhone calendar

Now with the “Pro” version of Kaly Calendar, you can view your iPhone events directly in the weekly or daily view. Just switch on the option in the menu : “Show iPhone events”

Your iPhone events will be displayed in orange in your Kaly Calendar.

* Define your message templatesKaly Calendar templates

In the template screen, each of the message can be edited. The dynamic data of the appointment ( date, time, customer ….) can be added in the template using the codes from the option button. Simply select the dynamic data that you want to add to the message from the drop-down list , and the corresponding code will be inserted in the message.

If you have any question, read the FAQ or contact the support at :

appointment calendar for iPad

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