How Kaly Calendar appointment reminder saved my day !

I made Kaly Calendar to help me to book my appointments effectively. I wanted a simple screen where I could see my whole week and find the perfect time to book the appointment of my client while on the phone.

Skilled developer and long hours of design finally helped me release Kaly Calendar on the App store. It is s useful to independent professional that have to be reactive and precise in setting up appointments.

Off course I soon realised that nowadays software have to be able to synchronize and be linked to their environment. A first step in this direction was to be able to see the iCal events so non-professional appointments won’t be forgotten. Soon there will also be the possibility to see the Kaly Calendar appointment in other calendar like the Apple calendar or Google calendar.

Backing up the Kaly Calendar data on the iCloud was also a must for users to trust the App, and to not loose their client history. With this feature not only the data are safe and protected but multiple devices can share the Kaly Calendar data.

But the most interesting feature really is sending text message reminders to the clients so they won’t have excuse to miss a treatment and I can easily re-schedule the appointment.

And yesterday I just discovered another way Kaly Calendar can make your practice smoother. My client sent me a message to ask if his treatment was still at 7.30pm. He didn’t receive his reminder and  was wondering if I would be at the clinic. What a luck! Because I didn’t enter his next treatment in my schedule I was already on the way home.

It’s so convenient for the clients to be reminded of their next appointment, that it enters their routine and they will remind you when you forget !






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