Kaly Calendar Pro now integrate iPhone’s calendar

Upgrade to “Pro” and view your Apple calendar directly in Kaly Calendar!

Kaly Calendar is sparking more an more interest in the therapists circle. With it’s first release it offers a simple yet powerful tool for iPhone and iPad users. The calendar display the whole weekly schedule in one screen so independent professionals can instantly see when they can fit a new appointment.
It comes very handy especially when most of the personal trainers, therapist, teachers or cosmetician don’t have the resources to have a secretary.
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Now, while on the phone, you can open Kaly Calendar, find the most convenient date and time for your client and schedule an appointment. Online booking is a great tool for spas and clinics, but for single person business, the direct contact over the phone accommodate more personal service. Also everyday task and duty need to be present in the schedule for you not to appoint a treatment or a training at the same time that you need take the kids for the school or at the same time that you set personal meeting.

That’s why in the new “Pro” version of Kaly Calendar, you can now integrate and visualize your everyday schedule directly in it and keep all your client data and appointment secured in Kaly Calendar.

You can still use Apple or Google calendar for everyday task as Kaly Calendar will now import those data in the weekly view. So your client data, subscription cards and appointments are nicely ordered in Kaly Calendar but it will now also display your Apple or Google or other external calendar along with them. You can even integrate your coworker or partner schedule.

The new Kaly Calendar Pro also now features :

  •     iCloud backup and
  •     message template editing

so you won’t lack any functionality to be fully productive in scheduling your clients appointments. You can then focus 100% on your core profession and progress in what you really like to do !

The future updates of the iPhone and iPad functions won’t cost you again!

Try out the free Kaly Calendar today and upgrade for “Pro” inside the App!

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