Kaly Calendar Pro Message Template for iphone calendar appointment reminders

iphone Kaly Calendar appointment reminders now comes with editable templates.

Kaly Calendar simplifies the way you can remind your client of their upcoming appointments.

A preset message in English gives the basic information to your client. The date and time of the appointment, or the number of remaining appointments on their subscription cards . But not all of our users are native English speakers, or living in an English speaking country.

So we improved the new version of Kaly Calendar to accommodate your needs.

In Kaly Calendar Pro, you get to define the message that you want to send your clients. Write down and change the template to your own words and language . Pressing the ‘option’ button, you can choose which data of the appointment to add ( ex : client name, day of the week, date …. ) and where to place it.Kaly Calendar Pro

You can define your signature name that will be added to the messages, the SMS for appointment confirmation, another SMS that will be sent as a reminders a day or two before the appointment. To keep a written track of the number of appointments that have been payed with a subscription card, you can define the template of the confirmation email. In this way both you and your client can go back to the email to check the remaining number of appointment and avoid misunderstandings.

Of course you can also directly go to the appointment card in Kaly Calendar to check such information as well. This new feature is only available in the “Pro” version of Kaly Calendar that you can download from the app store. The “Pro” version is designed for more comfortable use of the calendar and you should consider to buy it once you see the power of Kaly Calendar.

  • The iCloud backup and
  • The integration with external calendar

are 2 other features that makes Kaly Calendar Pro a must for independent professionals that need to deal with a great number of appointments every weeks , and need to keep track of clients data.

The future updates of the iPhone and iPad functions won’t cost you again!

Try out the free Kaly Calendar today and upgrade for “Pro” inside the App!

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