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Kaly Calendar has been specifically designed for independent workers such as manual therapists, psychotherapists, personal trainers, coaches, cosmeticians or teachers. Basically, any profession that needs to receive clients and provide them service.

Nowadays, even laptops are heavy to carry around and most iPhones are more powerful than the computers of a few years ago. They have revolutionized the way we communicate with our clients, and anybody can be their own secretary if they use the right tools.

The Kaly Calendar App lets you carry your profession around in your iPhone or iPad.

However, mobile devices are prone to loss/theft/destruction. Keeping clients’ information and details must be safe and reliable. That’s why after offering Kaly Calendar for free on the App Store, we’ve enhanced its features to accommodate users that rely on Kaly Calendar as their primary scheduling and client managing tool.

Upgrade now to Kaly Calendar “Pro” for a one-time payment and backup your data on the iCloud. Use Apple’s well-known reliable service to securely store your precious data.

The new Kaly Calendar Pro now also features:

  • external calendar integration
  • message template editing

You won’t lack any functionality and can be fully productive in scheduling your clients’ appointments. You can then focus 100% on your core profession, progress and access all of your business in your pocket.

The future updates of the iPhone and iPad functions won’t cost you again!

Try out the free Kaly Calendar today and upgrade for “Pro” inside the App!

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