iPhone Appointment Calendar

IconCompact view – The whole week at a glance

The main purpose of this calendar is to see every single appointment of the week. Now you can instantly find an available spot for an appointment from your phone.

IconGreat Interface – For easy use

The iOS product always take great care of the user experience and usability. Our Kaly Calendar make no exception. Drag and drop appointments from the main weekly view, create new ones for specific dates and times, and easily scroll through the weeks.

IconEmail powered – Send summary

Do you feel lost without your pile of cards and paper to follow your clients subscriptions and packages? Kaly Calendar let you easily send a summary every time your client uses their subscription. You will also be able to search and sort them by client.

IconSMS friendly – Automated reminders

After entering a new appointment in Kaly Calendar, you can comfortably send the details to your client. You can also send a reminder to all of clients with appointments in the next 48 hours.

IconManaging clients – Keep tracks

Easily import iPhone contacts into your client list. Appointments will be linked to your clients so you can keep track of their progress and get statistics.

IconSubscription card – Bulk sell

Most therapists, teachers and trainers offer discount packages. You can track a 10 or 20 appointment option in your iPhone Appointment Calendar : Kaly calendar.