Compact view

The whole week at a glance

The main purpose of this calendar is to see every single appointment of the week. Now you can instantly find an available spot for an appointment from your phone.


Great Interface

For easy use

The iOS product always take great care of the user experience and usability. Our Kaly Calendar make no exception. Drag and drop appointments from the main weekly view, create new ones for specific dates and times, and easily scroll through the weeks.


Email powered

Send summary

Do you feel lost without your pile of cards and paper to follow your clients subscriptions and packages? Kaly Calendar let you easily send a summary every time your client uses their subscription. You will also be able to search and sort them by client.


SMS friendly

Automated reminders

After entering a new appointment, you can comfortably send the details to your client.
You can also send a reminder to all of clients with appointments in the next 48 hours.


Managing clients

Keep tracks

Easily import iPhone contacts into your client list. Appointments will be linked to your clients so you can keep track of their progress and get statistics.


Subscription card

Bulk sell

Most therapists, teachers and trainers offer discount packages. You can track a 10 or 20 appointment option in your Kaly calendar.


iCloud backup

Pro version only

To be sure to continue your business as usual after the loss of your iPhone, be sure to upgrade to the "Pro" version of Kaly Calendar. You can backup your data on your iCloud account and even synchronize multiple devices that use the same account.



Pro version only

If your mother tongue is not English, or if you want to send different message to your clients, be sure to upgrade to Kaly Calendar Pro. You will be able to write your own message for appointment confirmation, appointment reminder and e-mail text of the subscription card confirmation.


iPhone events

Pro version only

To make sure that your don't book appointment when having an important event, upgrade to Kaly Calendar Pro. Your iPhone events will be displayed along with your professional appointments. You can keep your business and personal life separated but still view both of them inside Kaly Calendar.

" Kaly Calendar is the perfect application for busy therapists and independent workers"

Nicolas Currivand - Creator, kalycalendar.com

What is Kaly Calendar?

Kaly Calendar is an iPhone application that helps you schedule appointments with your clients. It’s been developed by a therapist for therapists and any professionals that run their own business and provide services for clients. A good example of users are: personal trainers, coaches, manual therapists, psychologists, cosmeticians, and teachers.

Why is it better than the iPhone calendar to take appointments?

Despite its awesome design, the default calendar application on iPhone doesn’t give a good overview of the user’s schedule.
The graphic view displays only 7 hours of one day, and the listing view can display more appointments, but it is hard to visually see which slot is available for your client.

With the full week display of Kaly Calendar you can see the empty and available time for you to book an appointment in one screen.
It is designed to allow you to check and confirm the date and time while being on the phone with your clients.

Moreover, your clients’ details and history is kept in one place, and helps you track the payment of the services.

It’s getting interesting, what else can I do with Kaly Calendar?

Communication with your client will be clear and standardized.

After creating a new appointment you can easily send them the date and time via SMS.
You can easily check upcoming appointments and send your client an SMS reminder so your rate of client not showing will be close to zero.
Create a subscription card when you sell a package of service. A good example is a 10-lesson card. After each completed lesson you can charge it on the card. As to keep a clear track of what has been used, an email with the number of remaining lessons will be ready for you to send.

Those messages and reminders will be personalized with your name and signature will all be sent from your device, so you can keep a written track of all your correspondence.

So how much do you charge for that?

Kaly Calendar is free to download from the App Store.

As a basic version it fully functional with no advertisements.

The feedback from our users has been great and they’ve pointed out some improvements that could be made.

We then created Kaly Calendar Pro for users that cannot afford to accidentally lose their data, or want more integration with their digital environment.

So what extra features does Kaly Calendar Pro offer?Kaly Calendar Pro Logo

1) Kaly Calendar Pro fully integrates with your Apple iCloud account. You can hence:

  • Backup and restore your data in case of loss/theft/destruction of your device. By downloading the application again, you can restore your data and continue to schedule your work as if nothing happened.
  • Synchronize your iPhone data with the iCloud allows you to access it on your iPad or other Apple device, when using the same iCloud account.

2) Kaly Calendar Pro allows you to display your Apple calendar. So your social life rendezvous will show and help you schedule your work only on your available time. Simply use the device settings to choose which accounts to show on your Apple calendar. Then Kaly Calendar Pro will display them in your weekly and daily view.

3) Messaging functions of Kaly Calendar will greatly help you keep a good communication between you and your clients. So, people forgetting their appointment and causing you to lose one hour or more will be a thing of the past. But not all of our users are working in an English-speaking country or environment. Hence, with the “Pro” version you can define a template for the messages, with your style and your language.

And this is also for free?

We want to keep adding great features and further integration with modern communication tools. So, to keep us delivering new versions, Kaly Calendar Pro comes with a $9.99 fee so we hope to add more functions like payment, accounting and further synchronizing.

The future updates of the iPhone and iPad functions won’t cost you again!

Try out the free Kaly Calendar today and upgrade for “Pro” inside the App!

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